Our projects aim at making people understand what determines well-being and quality of life in socio-economic and cultural contexts. The areas of our interest include social psychology, psychology of individual differences, economic psychology, consumer and organizational psychology. 

The major part of our studies focuses on teen materialism. We analyze how parents’, siblings’, and peers’ values and materialism may account for teen materialism. We also look into the influence of different kinds of media on teen materialism. We examine the influence of various safety-threat situations – parent-related and peer-related and sibling-related on the relationship between teen materialism and parental materialism and peer materialism.  We design intervention research and look for ways of reducing materialism among adolescents, and, in this way, enhancing their well-being. We conduct intervention research focusing on activism, self-esteem, gratitude, and consumer education as antidotes to materialism.

We also explore the consequences of preferred goals and values for employee motivation to work, work engagement, work-family balance, well-being, and work efficiency. We are also looking for determinants of satisfaction with life and at work in the changing socio-economic environment.

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prof. Anna Maria Zawadzka